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With the pandemic, home deliveries are rapidly increasing. 70% of customers are now more inclined to order products instead of going to physical stores. More deliveries mean you need to rethink efficient ways on how to get products delivered to your customer. Getting more and more drivers isn’t the right answer since it is not sustainable and will add to your short run and long run costs damaging your profitability.

To stand out, companies need to efficiently think of ways to improve their brand loyalty and provide customers with higher satisfaction levels.

What is a delivery management system?

A delivery management system is a digital tool that allows businesses to manage, plan, and optimize their deliveries. It allows you to centralize all the people and tasks involved in delivering into just one platform of which you have full control.

Challenges faced using traditional methods.

Let’s take a look at first how companies, whether small or big, consistently face challenges throughout the delivery process if they haven’t implemented the latest technology. Several companies have reported losing their customers to other competitors because their deliveries took too long. Long deliveries mean unhappy customers and unhappy customers mean a reduction in customer base. Furthermore, many companies seem to think that implementing DMS would be expensive and don’t go ahead with it. Although this may keep their costs down in the short run, it will increase the costs in the long run damaging their profitability.

Top benefits of using DMS.

An efficient DMS means your customers will get their products in the fastest way possible. A DMS ensures that your drivers choose the quickest route possible. This not only gets your product delivered in the quickest way possible, but also reduces your cost.

Be updated on your driver’s location: A DMS allows you to consistently overlook where your drivers are with the deliveries. This enables you to provide accurate information to your customers on the expected arrival time. The advanced GPA ensures accurate location information, so you don’t face any uncertainties through the delivery process.

Boost your customer retention rate: A DMS system means that your business would significantly be able to reduce delivery time. Customers always order back from a business that is quick to deliver. This would significantly boost your customer retention rates and ensure sustainable growth in the long run.

Increase your profits: Yes, implementing a DMS is a bit expensive, but when you are thinking about it in the long run it significantly helps reduces your overheads and paves way for sustainable growth.

Route optimization: Businesses used to struggle with finding the quickest paths to customer locations. Now, with the use of DMS, they are able to identify the fastest routes to customer destinations allowing them to save a significant portion of their time.

 The Future of DMS

A lot of companies are realizing the significance of DMS. More and more companies will start implementing DMS, if they haven’t already, to remain completive and stay in the industry. Traditional methods will soon vanish as we head towards a more technological world. It is vital for a company to stay updated with the latest technology and ensure customer satisfaction.

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