Simple Steps on Creating the Perfect Website

When people think of creating a website, they think it’s too technical and it’ll end up taking a lot more time than if they’d hire a professional. That’s where they’re wrong. Creating a website can be as easy as you want as long as you choose the right platform. I personally had no clue on how to create a website from scratch, but just one tutorial on YouTube changed that. I watched a 3-hour tutorial on how to create a website using WordPress and practiced it side by side, and within a few days, I got the hang of it. All in all, I was able to create a killer website within a matter of days and now I’ll guide you on the steps you need to know to make your own killer website. 

WordPress as Your Platform

There are so many platforms out there that can be used to create a great website, so why use WordPress? It’s completely FREE. There is a paid version, but you can build a really good website with the free tools it offers. It’s simple to use so you won’t need any external help, minimizing your costs. 

 According to online statistics, WordPress is being used on around 35% of all websites which roughly translates to every one in three websites a user visits is made through WordPress.  Some other reasons why I think WordPress is the way to go would be that it’s SEO ready which means it’ll make promotion for you so much easier and on top of this, it’s fast, optimized, and secure. 

Name Your Website and Buy Domain

On to the fun part now! What name would be appropriate for your website? What is it highlighting? Choose anything you like. Be creative and have fun when choosing the nameBut just like all other tasks, you need to consider a few things before coming with some of the brilliant names you have in your mind. You need to make sure that the name hasn’t already been used. The best way to counter this problem would be to choose a name that revolves around the name of your organization. Other than this, make sure your name is easy to memorize. People don’t like a name they can’t pronounce, or if it’s too technical to remember, so come up with something that people can relate to and they can easily catch up with the name if they hear it.  

So you’ve decided on a name, what’s next? It’s now time to buy your domain. There are many companies you can go to register your domain. I usually choose to go with BlueHost because it’s optimized for WordPress and ensures smooth operations. Do a bit of research on reputable domain providers and go with the one that is simple to use and is cheap at the same time.  

Choose a Theme for Your Website

This is my favorite part of creating a website. WordPress provides you with so many themes you can choose from and with just one click you can see how your website will look like based on different themes. All the templates are professionally designed to give a professional look to your website. You can go to WordPress’s Official directory and see all the available themes. Once you see something you like, all you need to do is install it and that’s it! You can now work with the theme you’ve chosen. It’s that simple! 

Make Use of Plugins

The best thing about WordPress is that it offers a lot of Plugins that are free for you to use. Some of the ones I’ve really liked were Google Analytics, WPForms, and OptiMole. These are easy for you to use and don’t require any coding knowledge. There are over 49000 free plugins available that you can use to give a better outlook to your website. Just go to the plugins tab of WordPress and explore things, and then choose the plugins that would work best with your website. 

Start Creating Pages

You’re all set now and ready to create pages. You can build your homepage using all the tools you’ve installed and work with the theme you’ve chosen. Your homepage should have everything you stand for and from there you can direct visitors to other links that’ll take them to specific landing pages about the different products and services you’re offering. 

 Go through each of these steps thoroughly and do a little bit of your own research and you’ll realize how easy it actually is to create the perfect website for your eCommerce business. Just put in that extra time and effort and you’ll see the results. 


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